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Webinar: Powerful and Easy Math Intervention Strategies

  • Presenter: Juliana Tapper, Math Intervention Specialist, CollaboratEd
  • Description: 
  • Recorded Webinar

Struggling Math Students? 5 Traits That Make a Math Classroom Successful For All Learners

  • Presenter: Juliana Tapper, Math Intervention Specialist, CollaboratEd
  • Description:  Do you teach students who have been historically unsuccessful in mathematics? Attend this engaging virtual session to learn the 5 traits that make a math classroom successful for our most challenging and apathetic students with the C.A.R.E.S. Math Achievement Framework™
  • Recorded Webinar

Gathering Formative Information from Number Sense Screeners

  • Presenter: David Woodward, Founder and President, Forefront Education
  • Description: Screening students in mathematics is considered a critical piece of an MTSS.  Yet, the screening process should do much more than just place students into categories.  The Universal Screeners for Number Sense (USNS) are designed to discover what students can do, and what they do understand as much as to identify specific areas where students would benefit from targeted instruction.  Come watch some videos, think about number sense, and think about how we can support students in the most critical ways that will support long term engagement and success in mathematics.
  • Recorded Webinar

Virtual Learning Session: Powerful and Easy Math Intervention Strategies

  • Presenter: Juliana Tapper, Math Intervention Specialist, CollaboratEd
  • Description: Teaching students who struggle with math? In this 30 minute virtual crash course, you’ll walk away with multiple strategies you can implement tomorrow that will make math more accessible and inviting for your most struggling and apathetic students.
  • Recorded Webinar

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2020 Webinars

Expanding What You Notice: Seeing Students, Mathematics, and Sociopolitical Histories in the Classroom

  • Presenter: Dr. Victoria Hand (University of Colorado Boulder) and the Co-Attend Team
  • Recorded September 17, 2020
  • Description: What you pay attention to in your classroom (or the way you “notice” moments of classroom life) guides your instructional practice. Expanding what you notice about students, their sociopolitical histories and mathematics can support you in knowing how to enact more equitable and just mathematics teaching. In this PD, we will build on Dr. Robert Berry’s framework for equitable teaching practices and describe noticing practices that support equitable and just mathematics classrooms.
  • Archived video and materials

Equitable Mathematics, Social Justice, and Actions

  • Presenter: Dr. Robert Berry (Past President of NCTM/University of Virginia)
  • Recorded August 5, 2020
  • Description: Teaching mathematics for social justice (TMSJ) creates the opportunities to situate mathematics content and concepts in contexts that allow students to use their cultural, social, and contextual resources to deepen their understanding of mathematics. Through deepening their understanding of mathematics, TMSJ provides students the opportunity to use mathematics to critique the world and advocate for social changes. This keynote provides background on the purpose, strategies, and pedagogical tools for equitable mathematics, social justice as well as provide a framework for planning a Social Justice Mathematics Lessons (SJML). We will unpack a few SJML and discuss the social justice and mathematics objectives, and create a product and/or plan of action as a result of the lesson.
  • Archived video and materials

Academic Safety: Promoting Student Self Worth & Representation in Mathematics

  • Presenter: Geoff Krall (New Tech Network and University of Wyoming)
  • Recorded July 20, 2020
  • Description: Academic safety has perhaps never been as crucial as it is in this moment. How do students view themselves, each other, and the very discipline of mathematics? Academic safety encompasses the social and emotional safety of the student as well as the student’s perception of his or her own mathematical ability. In this session, we will learn about the concept of academic safety through hands-on experiences, data, and discussion. Special attention will be paid to strategies that create an environment of active caring, a state of student-teacher relationships that demonstrate to each and every student they are an invaluable asset to the classroom and the mathematics community.
  • Archived video

Considerations for Addressing Unfinished Learning: Preparing for 20-21

  • Presenter: Mary Pittman (President-Elect, CCTM, and Project Manager, TNTP)
  • Recorded June 23, 2020
  • Description: Predictions for learning loss this year are as high as 50% for mathematics. Join us to learn about ideas for structuring next year to support grade-level learning while also providing just-in-time support to address unfinished learning from this year.
  • Archived video

Invite ALL Students to the Math Conversation with Number Talks

  • Presenters: Jackie Palmquist (High School Teacher and Department Chair, Indian Prairie CUSD, IL) and Alyssa Schneider (High School Teacher, Indian Prairie CUSD, IL)
  • Recorded May 28, 2020
  • Description: Jackie and Alyssa will engage you in some Number Talks virtually while teaching you both how they are done in classrooms and how the discourse provides a platform for so many benefits. Together we will explain and demonstrate this powerful math routine that develops a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, opens the door to an environment that values every student’s voice, and allows equitable access to high-level mathematics for all students.
  • Archived video

Empowering Students to Own Their Own Learning

  • Presenter: Kelly Shank Slavik (K-12 Mathematics Consultant, Poudre School District)
  • Recorded May 14, 2020
  • Description: Every single student is a capable mathematician, so how do we help them see that? In today’s fast-paced, informational world, an elementary student could figure out how to do a calculus problem in under 10 minutes. Sure, they might not understand much of it, but they can get a correct answer. That forces the role of the teacher to change from information giver to facilitator of thinking and reasoning. Come to this session to learn some low-effort, high-efficacy strategies to help students see themselves as mathematicians and be proud to own their mathematics learning. This session is appropriate for all grades K-12.
  • Archived video

Mathematical Modeling from Kindergarten to Industry

  • Presenters: Rachel Levy (Deputy Executive Director of the Mathematical Association of America) and Robyn Van Der Zanden (Kindergarten Teacher, North Lakes Academy, MN)
  • Recorded April 21, 2020
  • Description: Rachel Levy and Robyn Van Der Zanden share what modeling can do for your classroom by opening up student minds to mathematical thinking and developing their inner mathematician selves.
  • Archived video

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