April 2024 Upcoming Events, Celebrations, Happenings and Opportunities (ECHO)

Save the Dates for Upcoming CCTM Events:

Book Study Opportunity:

We have one more opportunity to get involved with the CCTM free virtual book study on Teaching for Thinking.  Our last session will be with Grace and Amy, the authors of Teaching for Thinking and Routines for Reasoning, on Thursday, May 2 4:30-6:00 (MDT). CCTM members who participate in the book study have access to continuing education hours, book study resources, and session recordings.  

Book study participants will:

  • Study and implement the Five Essential Strategies for integrating instructional routines into classroom practice

  • Learn, practice and analyze two reasoning routines by reading, planning, and reflecting on student work and video 

Be sure to register for the last session of the book study HERE.  Scroll down to the schedule and click on May 2.

Registration for CCTM’s Summer Conference is Now Open!

CCTM’s summer conference is June 13 and 14 in Englewood, CO.  The theme of this year’s conference is Embracing the Challenge: Empowering Students Through Struggle.  Current NCTM president, Kevin Dykema, will be facilitating sessions throughout the two days, including grade-banded sessions for elementary and secondary.  Kevin is a co-author of Productive Math Struggle, and sessions will highlight topics from the book with a focus on practical strategies for engaging all learners with mathematical thinking.  

Lunch on Friday and snacks are included in the registration cost, as well as the CCTM social event on Thursday evening.  Register now to secure early-bird pricing: $110 for CCTM members and $150 for non-members.  This will be a time of rich professional learning and connecting with colleagues from the Colorado math community.  You won’t want to miss it!

In addition, a half-day, free event focused around math pathways and Colorado’s involvement with the Launch Years Initiative will occur on Thursday morning.  This optional event is an opportunity to learn about local and national efforts to expand mathematics learning opportunities in the high school setting to better align with students’ post-secondary plans.  This information is relevant for all mathematics educators, not just high school, so sign up for the pre-conference today!  Morning coffee and snacks will be provided.  Lunch on Thursday is on-your-own.


Additional Math Opportunities:

  • TNTP and CDE team up to provide Evidence-Informed Mathematics.  Asynchronous modules designed for educators to develop an understanding of scientifically based, evidence-informed instructional methods for K-12 students.  Teachers have one year to complete the 15 hours of professional learning and access the learning.  Course Registration

  • The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) is hosting the joint conference with the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) June 17-19, 2024 in New Orleans.  This conference will provide K-5 teachers with the opportunity to develop their skills in mathematics and language arts as well as engage in teaching practices and strategies that support connected learning and engagement in both domains. 

  • Podcasts: Adding It All Up Kevin Dykema, NCTM president and featured speaker at the CCTM summer Conference, and Latrenda Knighten talk with authors of Principles to Actions. Do you have a favorite Mathematics education podcast you would like to share with CCTM?

  • NCTM is hosting the annual conference and exposition September 25 - 28, 2024 in Chicago, IL.  Considered the “Super Bowl event of the year,” NCTM Annual Meetings bring together thousands of mathematics educators from all over the world to collaborate, network, learn, inspire, and much more. With over hundreds of education sessions to choose from and attend, you can always expect to walk away with more knowledge and inspiration to implement into your classrooms.

  • NCSM is hosting the 56th annual conference in Chicago, IL September 23-25, 2024. This year’s theme is Breaking Barriers with Bold Mathematics Leadership. Conference sessions will focus on Disrupting the Status Quo, Overcoming Challenges, Eliminating Structural Cultural and/or Instructional Barriers, and Breaking Through: Coaching To Support Change.

  • Summer 2024: Math in the Mountains is a week-long teacher immersion program for K-12 math teachers.  Teachers will participate in an intensive residential math circle “immersion program,” learning many non-standard topics that will stretch their problem-solving abilities.

  • OERColorado May Webinar Series: New to OER? Or Ready for a Deep Dive? Either way our May 2024 OER Webinar Series offers free knowledge for everyone. Openly-licensed Educational Resources (OER) for educators can help teachers find supplemental resources to target skills, extend & enrich a lesson, reinforce skills with homework or tutoring, and identify related applications and simulations. Open Education is the movement to reduce cost and other barriers to knowledge, making education more accessible to all.

Want to find out more about OER and Open Education? Register for the upcoming OERColorado webinar series to learn more about OER for Colorado.  Webinars are 9-10:30 am on May 7 and 14. Can’t attend live? Register anyway to access the recordings. Visit the OERColorado.org curriculum library to see how our resources can support your classroom and school! Email us at [email protected].

  • CCTM membership is only $39 per year!  CCTM also offers a group membership option in which a district, school, or collection of passionate math educators have the option to pay $250 for a one-year group membership, which includes membership for 13 individuals.  CCTM members have access to our video archives of previous professional learning, as well as discounts for current virtual and in-person learning.  If you aren’t already a member, consider joining to get access to previous learning sessions from Dr. Robert Berry, Juliana Tapper, Mary Pittman, and Rachel Levy & Robyn Van Der Zanden, just to name a few.  Previous topics have included: number talks, student agency, mathematical modeling, unfinished learning, equitable mathematics instruction, math intervention strategies, and more. 


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