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One of the greatest misconceptions about mathematics is that it is static and unchanging. We know that is false. Thinking mathematically, and teaching others to think mathematically, requires nimbleness, creativity, insight, and a yearning to explore new ideas and approaches in collaborative environments. Arithmetic isn't just memorization, proportions aren't an excuse to cross-multiply, there's more to algebra than solving equations and graphing lines, and TI and Desmos aren't just calculators. There is always something new to learn and do, and CCTM wants to help you do it.

CCTM has adopted a new website to help its members find their community, make connections, and share ideas. This is CCTM's latest way of leveraging your membership dues to put opportunities and resources back in your hands. This platform—powered by MemberClicks—will give you the tools to keep your profile up to date, connect with other members in online discussions, access member-only resources, register for events, and maintain your membership. But this isn't really about the website, it's about you. It's about the community. It's about bringing CCTM together in new ways to do together what we can't always do by ourselves. So keep an eye out for CCTM communications about new features and new opportunities, and how we'll make mathematics education in Colorado stronger, together.

The Benefits of Membership

As an educator, you care about the teaching and learning of mathematics for each and every student. By being a CCTM member, you support efforts to improve mathematics education not just for yourself, but for everyone. CCTM members:

  • Engage with each other online and in person
  • Receive continuing education credits
  • Support the publication of the CMT
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Who is CCTM?

CCTM is you! Since its founding in 1950, CCTM has brought mathematics teachers, leaders, researchers, and other educators and stakeholders together to improve math education in Colorado. Together as a professional organization, we:

  • Advocate for the needs of Colorado teachers
  • Create opportunities for professional learning
  • Connect with stakeholder groups and individuals
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