February 2024 CCTM Newsletter

Message from the Board: Mary Pittman, CCTM President

mary pittman

Welcome to the February 2024 CCTM Newsletter! CCTM is a non-profit designed to support educators with the teaching and learning of mathematics. This month our board message is by Dr. Mary Pittman, our CCTM President. In her message, Mary discusses the upcoming CCTM Institute and Nominations for the CCTM Board.

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Upcoming Events, Celebrations, Happenings, and Opportunities (ECHO)

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  • CCTM is hosting a webinar on Practicing Self Care: A How-To Guide for Teachers with Dr. Joe Bolz on February 29 at 6 pm.  Join us as we walk through some practical solutions to combat teacher burnout as well as understand the “why” behind some of these strategies.  Register HERE.

  • Save the date for the CCTM Summer Learning Event: June 13 and 14. 

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Teacher Voice - Teaching for Thinking

Each newsletter we will highlight the voice of educators within Colorado to share some of their amazing work and ideas. In this issue, we are catching up with Colorado math educators who are engaged in the CCTM Teaching for Thinking Book Study or trying out some Routines for Reasoning in classrooms across the state. We are elevating these teacher voices to hear how Teaching for Thinking has made an impact on them and their students.

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Practical Practices -  CCTM Board "Best Of"

In our Practical Practices section of the newsletter, we highlight practices that you can incorporate in your classrooms, including curated links to outside resources to build your knowledge of that practice.  In this issue we are featuring our “CCTM Board Best Of”.  Each board member reflects on a great book, article, podcast, webinar, or other tidbit that you may also find interesting or inspiring.  

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Spotlighting Colorado Mathematics Educators and Teams

This section of our newsletter allows us to recognize the amazing mathematics teams, educators, and leaders in our community. This month we want to spotlight a KINDERGARTEN Math Teacher, Jenn Walton, from Antelope Trails Elementary School, part of Academy District 20 in Colorado Springs.

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Our spotlighted teacher will receive a care package of teacher goodies as well as CCTM shirts or Water Bottles!

If you want to nominate an educator, leader, or team, please use the following form. Those selected to be featured in the spotlight will receive an educational care package (and the person nominating will also receive a care package). Use this link to nominate an individual or a team!

Trivia - A History of Mathematics

Each newsletter will have a trivia question. From those that answer correctly, five winners will be drawn and receive CCTM swag (either a water bottle or a tee-shirt). 


This American mathematician and hidden figure is known for her contributions to mathematical modeling of the shape of the Earth, and her work on the development of satellite geodesy models, that were later incorporated into the Global Positioning System (GPS). Who is she?

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Last month, we asked you, the members of CCTM “This mathematician grew up in the Cherokee Nation and earned a master’s degree in mathematics from Colorado State Teachers College (now the University of Northern Colorado). She is also known as the first Native American female aerospace engineer. Who is she?”. Many of you correctly identified Mary Gilda Ross as the famed mathematician! Last month’s winners were: Kari Johnson (Garfield RE2 School District - Rifle Middle School), Carol Saldana (Aurora Public Schools), and. Melinda Andrade (Pueblo West High School).

CCTM Trivia and Recap 

Colorado Math Teacher Journal - Featured Article 

Featured Article: Adapting a Number Sense Task to Learn More About K-5 Student Reasoning

Authors: Jody Guarino, Chepina Rumsey, Jennie Beltramini, Angie Miller, Kristin Gray, Shelbi Cole

Abstract: Look deeper into how 5th grade students think through a task by examining standards from earlier grades.

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Get YOUR Word Out

Would you like to advertise or elevate an upcoming mathematical opportunity happening around you - in your school, district, region? Do you want to celebrate successes in your mathematical community? Share your happenings in the CCTM’s next newsletter?  Click HERE to submit your events, news or celebrations and be included in the next CCTM Newsletter’s ECHO (Events, Celebrations Happenings, and Opportunities) Section.