CCTM September 2022 Newsletter

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Welcome from the CCTM President

Welcome to the first CCTM Newsletter of the 2022-23 school year. CCTM is a non-profit designed to support educators with the teaching and learning of mathematics. The Board spent the past few months planning a joy-filled year of learning events, opportunities to do math together, and ways to recognize and celebrate the amazing work each of you are doing across the state of Colorado. 

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Upcoming Events, Celebrations, Happenings, and Opportunities (ECHO)

Learn more about upcoming CCTM math events and happenings, including:

  • David Woodward presenting virtually about Gathering Formative Information from Number Sense Screeners on Tuesday, September 13 at 4:00.  Click here to register.

  • Julianna Tapper presenting virtually about 5 Traits That Make a Math Classroom Successful for All Learners on Wednesday, September 21st at 7:00. Click here to register.

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Teacher Voice - Welcome to the Best Year of Teaching by Joseph Bolz  

Each newsletter we will highlight the voice of an educator within Colorado to share some of their amazing work and ideas. In this issue, Joseph Bolz welcomes you to the new school year with a few mindsets for you to consider to make this year the best THIS year it can be. 

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Practical Practices - Back to School Practices by Lisa Rogers and Kim Smith

In our Practical Practices section of the newsletter, we highlight practices that you can incorporate in your classrooms, including links to outside resources to build your knowledge of that practice. 

In this issue, we cover the practices teachers of mathematics can incorporate as they head back to school. The first week of school is such an important time to establish expectations, develop standard operating procedures and solidify how learning and math happen in the classroom. Check out a few curated resources to support a strong start, including YouCubed, NCTM, Sara VandeWerf, Dan Meyer, and Sarah Carter.

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Spotlighting Colorado Mathematics Educators and Teams

This section of our newsletter allows us to recognize the amazing mathematics teams, educators, and leaders in our community. If you want to nominate an educator, leader, or team, please use the following form. Those selected to be featured in the spotlight will receive an educational care package (and the person nominating will also receive a care package). Use this link to nominate an individual or a team!

In this issue, we showcase your CCTM Region Representatives! Take a moment to learn a little bit more about the amazing educators serving YOU on the CCTM Board of Directors. Watch a short video introduction of your Region Representative, then reach out to them and say hello!

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Trivia - A History of Mathematics

Each newsletter will have a trivia question (as seen below). From those that answer correctly, five will be chosen to receive a prize.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Who is given credit for cracking the Enigma code? 

Submit your answer here! Submission deadline: 9/30

Get YOUR Word Out

Do you have something to celebrate, an innovate idea your want to share, or an upcoming event you want include in an upcoming newsletter let us know. Share your happenings in the CCTM’s November newsletter?  Click HERE to submit items for the newsletter.