The Mikkelson Mathematics and Science Teachers Scholarship

Mikkelson Foundation logoThe Mikkelson program aims to encourage and reward excellence in the teaching of mathematics and science by providing scholarships for teachers to attend short courses, seminars, and workshops that will improve their depth of knowledge of the subject(s) they teach and/or enhance their teaching skills and effectiveness. Money is available for attendance fees, materials, accommodations, and/or travel expenses. Many organizations offer programs of this type in the summer, but requests from teachers who would like to attend programs at other times of the year are also considered. The deadline for applications is typically in March, however, if an applicant is applying for early consideration, please submit final applications by early January.

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Mathematics Education Trust

NCTM MET bannerThe Mathematics Education Trust (MET), which is administered by a board appointed by NCTM's Board of Directors, provides grants, scholarships, and awards to help NCTM members improve classroom practices, develop professionally, and recognize the lifetime achievement of leaders in mathematics education. Awards to individuals or schools range from $1500 to $24,000 and cover costs such as:

  • Conferences, workshops, or seminars
  • Research and in-service training in mathematics
  • Classroom activities
  • Lessons and materials
  • Graduate courses or other mathematics coursework
  • Other teacher- or school-identified professional development activities

To explore and apply for MET's grants and awards, see the opportunities listed on the NCTM website. Deadlines for applications are usually the beginning of each May and November.

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