April 2024 Educator Spotlight

Ryan Block, Greeley Central High School

What is your current role in education and how long have you been in math education?

I have been working at Greeley Central High School for the past five years.  I am currently teaching Geometry and Math for Liberal Arts.  My students have the opportunity to take my Math for Liberal Arts class as a dual enrollment college credit where they learn about financial literacy and real life applications in mathematics.  Before working at Greeley Central I worked at an alternative school, Jefferson High School.  I am so grateful I started my career at Jefferson because I was introduced to the Discovery approach to student learning.  I would not be the teacher I am today if it was not for all the wonderful teachers and leaders that took time to mentor me.  Greeley has been an amazing place to work and I am so lucky to be a part of Greeley’s most historical school, Greeley Central. 

What inspires you as a teacher, especially as a math educator? What is your ‘why’?

What inspires me as a teacher is knowing that I have a very important job to do.  I have the ability and opportunity to change student’s lives forever and that is something I am very passionate about.  Showing my students compassion and letting them know someone authentically cares for them allows my students to be the best version of themselves.  I love seeing how creative my students can be. As a teacher I do my best to allow my students to express themselves and make math meaningful.  It is amazing how just a single spark can turn into something so substantial and meaningful in a student’s life.  There is no better job than being a teacher.

What hobbies and/or interests do you have outside of the world of teaching?

I have a six year old daughter, a ten year old son and a wonderful wife.  My daughter is in ballet and my son plays baseball and basketball.  When we are not at practices or games the Block family likes to travel and spend quality time together.

What else can we include to capture the heart of you and your work with students?

My favorite part of teaching is seeing my students enjoying math.  I love creating interactive problem based lessons where my students get to live within mathematics and create and solve their own problems.  

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