April 2023 CCTM Newsletter


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Welcome from the CCTM Board

Welcome to the April 2022 CCTM Newsletter. CCTM is a non-profit designed to support educators with the teaching and learning of mathematics. This month our board message is by Lisa Rogers, our CCTM Secretary and her thinking around the amazing professional learning opportunities CCTM has provided her and her colleagues.

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Upcoming Events, Celebrations, Happenings, and Opportunities (ECHO)

Each newsletter highlights upcoming events, celebrations, happenings, and opportunities relevant to Colorado mathematics educators.

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Teacher Voice - Fostering Student Voice

Each newsletter we will highlight the voice of an educator within Colorado to share some of their amazing work and ideas. In this issue, Yunnuen McLaughlin talks about her passion for dual language education and fostering learning through the development of mathematical discourse, student voice, and critical thinking.  Yunnuen teaches seventh grade math & science in the Dual Immersion program at Bookcliff Middle School in Grand Junction, CO.  She is a former CCTM Teaching Award recipient and State Panel Member at the 2021 CCTM Virtual Conference.  

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Practical Practices -  Fostering Math Practices Through Instructional Math Routines

In our Practical Practices section of the newsletter, we highlight practices that you can incorporate in your classrooms, including curated links to outside resources to build your knowledge of that practice. In this issue, we share ways to develop avenues of thinking in your students through a 5-minute ignite talk by Grace Kelemanik. Interested in learning more from Grace? Register for the CCTM June 29 Learning Institute (space limited) and check out the website Fostering Math Practices to learn more.

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Spotlighting Colorado Mathematics Educators and Teams

This section of our newsletter allows us to recognize the amazing mathematics teams, educators, and leaders in our community. This month we spotlight a dynamic math team from Bookcliff Middle School in Grand Junction, Colorado. This team was nominated by their principal, Jim Butterfield who states, “I see our team giving so much for our kids everyday, through best instruction, collaborative interventions and positive academic and social-emotional connections with students.  They are an amazing strong support for our students and I am so proud of all their accomplishments!”

This team will receive a care package of teacher goodies as well as CCTM shirts or Water Bottles!

If you want to nominate an educator, leader, or team, please use the following form. Those selected to be featured in the spotlight will receive an educational care package (and the person nominating will also receive a care package). Use this link to nominate an individual or a team!

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Trivia - A History of Mathematics

Each newsletter will have a trivia question. From those that answer correctly, five winners will be drawn and receive CCTM swag (either a water bottle or a tee-shirt). 


Because of his immense amount of publications with various mathematicians, there exists a number assigned to authors in the area of mathematics associated with this mathematician’s name to describe their “collaborative distance” with this scholar. Who is he?

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Colorado Math Teacher Journal - Featured Article 

Featured Article: Promoting Class Discourse with Warm-Up Routines (from “Most Popular Papers”)

Lisa Bejarano, Aspen Valley High School, Academy District 20

Abstract:  Routines, particularly at the start of class, create predictability and provide an opportunity to experiment with instructional strategies that can enhance the mathematics culture in a classroom.  In this article, we explore concrete examples of instructional routines, along with resources and considerations of the values they communicate.

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Get YOUR Word Out

Would you like to advertise or elevate an upcoming mathematical opportunity happening around you - in your school, district, etc? Do you want to celebrate successes in your mathematical community? Share your happenings in the CCTM’s next newsletter?  Click HERE to submit your events, celebrations, etc and be included in the next CCTM Newsletter’s ECHO (Events, Celebrations Happenings, and Opportunities) Section.