February 2023 CCTM Trivia

Each newsletter will have a trivia question. From those that answer correctly, five winners will be drawn and receive CCTM swag (either a water bottle or a tee-shirt). 


What famous statistician and founder of modern nursing was also believed to have been a member of the LGBTQIA+ community?

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Last month, we asked you, the members of CCTM “Which mathematician/physician was also the FIRST Black female to travel in space (and appears in an episode of Star Trek)?”. Many of you correctly identified Alan Turing as the mathematician who cracked the code! Last month’s winners were: Leigh Ann Kudloff (retired from JeffCo Schools), Beverly Devore-Wedding (Adams State University), Jim Butterfield (The Bookcliff Middle School), Cary Hoste (Manual High School), Sandy Morris (Curriculum Associates), and Deanna Macri (Bear Creek High School).

Not only has Mae Jemison worked as a physician, engineer, and astronaut for NASA, she also went into orbit aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour in 1992 and became the first African American woman in space. She is also a trained medical doctor, served as a Medical Officer in the Peace Corps and currently runs BioSentient Corp, a medical technology company.

Learn more about Mae Jemison here: Brief Biography of Mae Jemison


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