The Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics (CCTM) will honor individuals from each of the CCTM regions at the annual conference who contribute to mathematics education but do not have full-time classroom responsibilities. Examples of individuals to be considered for this award are mathematics coaches, coordinators, administrators, or higher education personnel who are dedicated to improving mathematics learning in school districts.

The nominee should possess the following qualifications:

1. Improve mathematics learning for students through their work with mathematics educators in Colorado by

  • Implementing research-based best practices in mathematics instruction
  • Educating and stimulating others to improve their teaching and learning of mathematics
  • Developing positive, trusting relationships with colleagues

2. Advocate for mathematics by

  • Committing and supporting the advancement of mathematics education in a variety of venues beyond the requirements of their current position
  • Model commitment to being a life-long learner in the field of mathematics

3. Demonstrate professional growth by

  • Keeping current with new developments in education through attendance at conferences and workshops
  • Maintaining membership in professional organizations which advance the learning and teaching of mathematics.


*The nominee for the Mathematics Leader must be assigned to a school district in the CCTM region from which he or she is nominated. See CCTM Regions listed below.

Mathematics Leaders may be nominated any number of times if not a winner, submitting a new application each year, but may receive the Mathematics Leaders Award only once. Each awardee will be recognized at the Award Reception at the Annual Conference and receive $200, a plaque, one-year CCTM membership, and complimentary conference registration for that year.

Nominations will open December 12, 2016. Deadline for nominations is March 5th, 2017; applications will be emailed to the nominees by March 25, 2017. Application deadline is May 15, 2017 . The application will include a 1-2 page resume, two letters of recommendation and an essay describing the impact of their mathematics leadership work as outlined in the criteria of the award.