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Fall 2017: Reasoning and Problem Solving (Part 3)

Spring 2017: Reasoning and Problem Solving (Part 2)

Winter 2017: Reasoning and Problem Solving (Part 1)

Fall 2016: Procedural Fluency & Mathematical Discourse

Spring 2016: A growth mindset for students and teachers

Winter 2016: From Principles to Actions: Pose Purposeful Questions; and Elicit and Use Evidence of Student Thinking

Fall 2015: Starting Off the New School Year

Spring 2015: Mathematical Practice Standard 8 (MP8): Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning

Winter 2015: Getting Ready for PARCC; Math Practice Standard 7 (MP7): Look For and Make Sense of Structure

Fall 2014: Mathematical Practice Standard 2 (MP2): Reason abstractly and quantitatively

Spring 2014: Mathematical Practice Standard 4: Model with Mathematics

Winter 2013: Making sense of problems and persevering in solving them

Fall 2013: Use Appropriate Tools Strategically

Spring 2013 (Magazine Format, Printable Format): Designing Assessments to Meet the New Standards

Winter 2012: Standards for Mathematical Practice; Increasing Productivity and Saving Time with Technology: Three Practical Tips; Learning to tinker; Enhancing Mathematical Learning in a Technology-Rich Environment; Technology Enhances Student Learning across the Curriculum

Summer/Fall 2012: Mathematics Concept Maps: Assessing Connections Alternate Forms of Assessment

Spring 2012: Rocky Mountain Math Teachers' Circle: Math Circles Flourish Throughout the Front Range; Junior Achievement Finance Part: Solving Innumeracy with financial Literacy; Place Value and Financial Literacy: Understanding Place Value

Winter 2011: Savvy Students: Helping Students Become Savvy Investors in themselves: Helping them "Do the Math"; Making it Happen A Guide to Interpreting and Implementing Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

Summer 2011: Student - Centered Strategy: Tailoring Tasks to Meet Students' Needs; "Why Did You Do That?" Reasoning in Algebra Classrooms; Innovative Mathematics: Visible Thinking and Group Worthy Problems

Spring 2011: Integrating Mathematics and Science: Stimulating Digital Circuits; Learning Progressions and Rtl: Diagnostic Assessment

Winter 2010: Assessing Concepts of Length: Understanding the Development of Students' Thinking about Length

Summer 2010: Contextualizing Mathematics Instruction: A Powerful Experience For All Learners