CCTM Subcommittees

The work of the CCTM Board of Directors is organized by subcommittees who work together to deepen their expertise, collaborate to solve problems, and make CCTM a stronger organization for its members. These subcommittees can consist of both board members and regular members and meet at least once between board meetings.


Conference Subcommittee

The CCTM Annual Conference is easily CCTM's biggest event, and as the conference ends each year planning on next year's conference begins. The Conference Committee supports the event chair(s) in the planning and execution of the annual conference. This includes researching conference options, generating new ideas and solutions, and carrying out the work needed to make each conference better than the last.

Committee Chair: Jen Overley, Region 3 Representative

Committee Officer: Joanie Funderburk, President

Members from the CCTM Board:

  • Cassie Gannett, Treasurer

  • Kim Smith, Secretary

Members from the CCTM Membership: TBD


Communication and Membership Subcommittee

CCTM is its members. The Communication and Membership committee builds and maintains connections with members using the web, email, and through social networks. This committee also ensures that CCTM has an accurate accounting of its current membership and engages prospective members to attract them to the organization.

Committee Chair: Raymond Johnson, CDE Representative

Officer: Joanie Funderburk, President

Members from the CCTM Board:

  • Laurie Hillman, Membership Secretary

  • Janet Oien, NCTM Representative

  • Jill Rubinstein, Region 6 Representative

Members from the CCTM Membership: TBD


Professional Learning Subcommittee

As Colorado's professional organization for mathematics teachers, a key role of CCTM is to provide opportunities for its members to learn and grow as educators. CCTM does this through its conferences, workshops, publications, and other service to its members. The Professional Learning Committee plans and designs learning opportunities that are responsive to the latest research and trends in mathematics education as well as the needs and preferences of CCTM members.

Committee Chair: Mary Pittman, Region 4 Representative

Officer: Julie Schmalz, Vice President

Members from the CCTM Board:

  • Heather Atencio, Region 5 Representative

  • Heather Johnson, CMT Editor and MAA Representative,

  • Kevin Junod, Region 7 Representative

  • Suzanne Sundbye, Region 2 Representative

Members from the CCTM Membership: TBD


In addition to the committees above, several other volunteers are key in the operation of CCTM:



CCTM offers a number of awards for teaching, leadership, and career contributions to mathematics education in Colorado. Nominations for awards are typically collected in the spring and awardees are honored during the annual conference in the fall. CCTM thanks Rachel Risley and Diane Weaver for all they do to help make sure excellent math teaching and leading in Colorado gets the recognition it deserves.


Elections Chair

Each spring, CCTM holds elections for its Board of Directors. CCTM thanks Stacy Larson for her years of service as elections chair.

Want to get involved? CCTM offers many ways to be a leader!