Get energized with a video and chat about productive struggle

CCTM is launching a video series to start conversations that energize, engage, and empower teachers in anticipation of the 2019 Annual Conference.  Each month we will share a video showcasing great speakers in math education, some of whom have spoken at previous CCTM conferences. Then, for the following three days, we will host a slow chat to engage our community in discussion around each month’s video. Join us in sharing your thinking on Twitter using #CCTM19.

This month’s video focuses on productive struggle. Principles to Actions (2014) says this:

Effective mathematics teaching uses students’ struggles as valuable opportunities to deepen their understanding of mathematics. Students come to realize that they are capable of doing well in mathematics with effort and perseverance in reasoning, sense making, and problem solving.

How are you thinking about productive struggle in your classroom? Check out what Robert Kaplinsky has to say in this video, then check @cctmath on Twitter tomorrow at 5 pm to engage in a slow chat with the hashtag #CCTM19.