Be a Leader

There are many ways to be a leader with CCTM. Here are just a few of the ways you can lead:

Present at Conferences and Workshops

Dozens of Colorado educators present annually at the CCTM Annual Conference. Whether they are sharing a practice from their classroom, the results of a teaching experiment, or motivating and inspiring others, CCTM presenters are leaders.

Write, Share, and Connect

Do you have an issue relevant to math education on your mind? Don't just think about it -- write about it! CCTM's CMT Journal is an excellent place to write about your great lesson, tips for working with students, or new technologies. In addition to the CMT, blogs and social networks are a great way to share and connect with other math teachers.

Volunteer and Serve

CCTM has a large Board of Directors and we believe in the power of using our organization to grow new leaders from around the state. We encourage you to run for an office and take part. Even if you're not on the Board, you can volunteer to serve on a CCTM committee, help out at the annual conference, or help your district stay in touch with your CCTM region representative.

Do you want to know more? Contact CCTM or reach out to your region representative for more information.