2023 CCTM Board Elections

The following are candidates for our 2023 board elections*. Voting will be open from May 12th to May 21st. Members will receive their ballots by email. Be sure to submit your vote!

*Several positions will be uncontested this year. Please see below for details.

NCTM Representative Candidates

 Megan KorponicMegan Korponic

Dean of Students, Northridge High School
Greeley-Evans District 6
2023 CCTM NCTM Representative Candidate

About Megan: I would like to continue to serve CCTM through the role of NCTM Representative. It was my greatest honor to be a part of our community, in this role, for the past three years. I have appreciated being a part of our book study work and connecting our state with NCTM. I would like to continue the work that has only just begun to be an organization that connects and serves mathematics educators, engages pre-service teachers to support the growth of our community, and to support the upcoming NCTM National Conference in Denver, CO.



 Daniel Weisenhorn

Mathematics Instructor, Vanguard Classical School
2023 CCTM NCTM Representative Candidate

About Daniel: As a young math educator with a wealth of experience both inside and outside of the classroom, having previously worked as an accountant, I believe that I have both the skills and drive to represent Colorado well to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.



Region 1 Candidates


Chelsea CarstensenChelsea Carstensen

Teacher, Newton Middle School
Littleton Public Schools
2023 Region 1 Representative Candidate

About Chelsea: As a member of CCTM over several years, I have seen how CCTM supports all Math teachers in various ways. I have served on the board of CCTM for 4 years now as region 1 representative, continue to learn many resources, and bring those ideas into my classroom. I have enjoyed being a liaison for my school Math department and district, as well as our region in central and south Denver. CCTM puts together quality professional development opportunities, as well as provide several resources to support Math teachers across our state. I have been honored to serve for you, and look forward to continuing representing you for another term. 

 Region 4 Candidates

Sonya Mendoza-Weiss

Greeley Central High School
2023 Region 4 Candidate

About Sonya: I’m honored to be nominated for the position of Region 4 Representative for the Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics. As a teacher with a diverse educational background, and passion for helping students reach their goals, I am well-suited for this role. My background includes a B.S. from CSU, M.A. in Middle Level Math, from UNC. My dedication to fostering a love for math in students from various backgrounds is demonstrated through my 26 years of teaching in diverse settings. My first three years were in Miyagi Japan, at two High Schools. The following 23, have all been in Weld District 6: Heath Middle School, Trademark West High School, Jefferson High Schools, Jefferson Junior, Platte Valley Youth Detention Center. Now, I teach at Greeley Central High School.

My drive is evident through my involvement in math circles at UNC, Math Teacher Leadership Team UNC, participation in the Rocky Mountain Teachers’ Circle, and in leadership roles in various institutions, and District 6 Curriculum Adoption Committee for CPM. These experiences have refined my teaching approach, enabling me to help students from all backgrounds to apply mathematical concepts to their lives.

Lastly, I’m trilingual, in English, Spanish, and Japanese, which helps foster good communication with students and the community, further enriching my impact as an educator. If selected for this position, I’m confident that my passion for mathematics, diverse teaching experiences, and commitment to inclusivity will make a significant contribution to advancing mathematics education in Colorado. Thank you for your consideration.


Region 7 Candidates



Robin Malaznik

Gifted & Talented Teacher, Math Instructional Coach
Widefield School District 3

2023 CCTM Region 7 Candidate

About Robin: My name is Robin Malaznik, and I am currently a Gifted & Talented teacher and half-time math instructional coach in Widefield school district 3. As a passionate and dedicated educator, I am committed to representing all stakeholders and working toward a better future for our region. Having just accepted the position of District Mathematics Instructional Specialist in Widefield School District three, I wish to expand my leadership and networking opportunities and bring our region together as a collaborative unit of like minded professionals. Individually we do great things everyday, collectively our impact can be exponential. I am ready to take on the challenges and opportunities that come with serving as CCTM Region 7 representative. Let's do this!


Nichole Buzzard

5th Grade Teacher
Academy District 20, El Paso County
2023 CCTM Region 7 Candidate

About Nichole: Serving on the CCTM Board of Directors will provide me with the opportunity to become more involved in mathematics education beyond my district. I love math and finding new ways to improve math instruction. Talking to other educators from across the state about mathematics will provide me with an amazing opportunity for growth and learning. As an undergrad at Indiana University I had a concentration in mathematics. I also have a Master's Degree in Mathematics Education (K-6). I am currently a 5th grade teacher in D20 but have also taught grades 4 & 6. I am serving on our district's strategic math committee to improve mathematics education in our district. I am also the math coach at my school. I hope to serve my region well.