2018 Preconference Workshops and Awards Reception

Day 1 of the CCTM Annual Conference features a workshop for in-depth professional learning. Unlike past years, CCTM is hosting only a single workshop for teachers. Math leaders should strongly consider attending NCSM's Summer Leadership Academy, held in the Denver Tech Center from Monday, July 30th through Wednesday, August 1. Following the conferences will be an awards reception honoring both CCTM awardees and our newest PAEMST state finalists.

Registration/check-in for the workshop will happen at the workshop.


3:00-5:30 Teacher Workshop

Teaching Math Strong: Connecting our math vision with instruction for a more just and humanizing mathematics education

In this session, we will explore our collective visions for teaching math strong students. Participants will discuss the roots of their math vision and how that vision is communicated through instruction. We will focus on equity-based instructional routines and practices that open up space for learning more rich, rigorous and relevant mathematics. Participants will be introduced to some planning tools to refine and customize their instruction to nurture math strong students. All grade levels welcomed.

Julia Aguirre
Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, University of Washington

Cable Center



5:00-5:45 Light Refreshments

Enjoy some light refreshments and the company of fellow teachers of mathematics outside the Cable Center as you await the awards ceremony.

In Front of the Cable Center


5:45-6:45 Awards Ceremony

We welcome conference attendees to join us for CCTM's annual awards reception, where we recognize excellent teaching by honoring teachers with awards from CCTM. Colorado's 2018 PAEMST state finalists will also be honored.

Cable Center


7:00-9:00 Punchbowl Social Event

Join us at 65 Broadway in Denver for fun, food, and the chance to meet and talk with special guests, including our keynote speaker, Andrew Stadel, and workshop leader, Julia Aguirre.