2018 CCTM Annual Conference Schedule-at-a-Glance

Session 1:     8:00-9:15     Welcome and Keynote [Stadel]     Ritchie Center

Teaching & Learning Access & Equity Tools & Technology Professionalism Assessment
Session 2
Session 3
Ritchie Center - Hamilton Gym #1 FEATURED SESSION:
Learning Trajectories: The Core of Standards, Teaching and Learning [Sarama & Clements]
A Learning Trajectories Tool for Teachers and Professional Development [Sarama & Clements]
Sturm 124 Teaching Conceptual Mathematics Through Real-World Tasks [Mahovsky] Talk Less, Smile More [Bolz]
Sturm 134 Coding Made Easy Using the TI-Innovator [Bruce] Boosting the Number Sense of Secondary Math Students [Stadel]
Sturm 233 Building Number Sense in Kindergarten, First, and Second Grades [Harding] Mindset and Motivation: Bridging from Research to Practical Classroom Structures [Bejarano]
Sturm 234 Making Mathematical Inferences to Problem Solve! [PEBC: Wandzek & Meyers-Blake]
Sturm 235 Modeling Important Social Issues with Data: Opioid Overdose Deaths [Reardon] Supporting Student Understanding in Math Through Discourse [Wretling & Littmann-Berger]
Sturm 254 Planning for Thinking in the Mathematics Classroom [Goldin-Dubois] The Power of Manipulatives [Cohen]
Sturm 275 Teach Smarter Not Harder [Finney, Almer, Williams, Priestler, & Meurer-Lynn] Role of Explicitly Valuing Mathematical Creativity [Karakok]
Sturm 287 Positioning of Students and Content in Mathematics Teaching and Learning [Fritz] Connecting Student Partnerships and Independence [Stanton & Taht]
Sturm 310 Re-imagining Family Engagement with Mathematics: Routines and Resources for Mathematics Learning in the Classroom [Aguirre] What Does Effective Fraction Intervention Look Like in Middle School? [Goldstein]
Sturm 334 The Life-Changing Magic of Bar Modeling [Tsue] I'm Hit! Examining the Mathematical Methods behind Collision Detection in Video Games [Moriarty]
Catalyzing Change: Initiating Critical Conversations [Berry]
2020 Colorado Academic Standards: High School Mathematics [Funderburk]
Sturm 410 Population and Numbers: Real-World Problem Solving to Captivate and Engage [Turner] Building Numbers from Primes [Burkhart]
Sturm 412 Equations: Strategies to Spark Engagement [Raff & Goldstein] Number Talks = Number Sense [Clark]
Ritchie Center - Hamilton Gym #2 VENDOR SHOWCASE:
Faster Isn't Always Better: Conversations about Advanced Math Learning [Woodward]
STEM Activities: Powering Growth for All Students [Gasque & Lukens]

Lunch     11:45-12:45     Time with Exhibits     Ritchie Center - Hamilton Gym

Session 4
Session 5
Session 6
Ritchie Center - Hamilton Gym #1 FEATURED SESSION:
Cultivating Student-Centered Learning in the Math Classroom [PEBC: Kuzma & Krier]
Investigate STEM Behind Football Interactively—Is the Kick Good? [Reardon]
Myths and Facts: Mathematical Modeling [Funderburk]
Sturm 124 Develop Deeper Conceptual Understanding and Retention: Preparing for the SAT [Reardon] Using Historical Problems to Learn Probability [Koester]
Sturm 134 Using the Rubik's Cube to Enhance Learning and Engage Students [Van der Vieren] Designing a Robust Response to Instruction (RTI) System for K-5 Mathematics Education [Madison & Rubinstein] Using Giant Maps for Teaching Geography and Mathematics [Anthamattan]
Sturm 233 Mathematics Language Routines to Support All Learners [Funderburk] Facilitating Productive Classroom Conversations Using Desmos Activity Builder [Bejarano] The Life of Pi...In the STEM Classroom [Lukens & Hicks]
Sturm 234 Teaching WITH (not near) Technology [Reiten] Engage Students and Encourage Discussion Using Interactive Simulations for Algebra [McGarry]
Sturm 235 Performance Tasks as Evidence of Student Learning [Rubinstein, Farmer, & Lara] Algebra Tiles: From Integer Operations to Completing the Square [Schneider & Bunning] Tiered Activities: One Goal, Many Paths [Welch]
Sturm 254 How History Can Initiate a Student into the Mathematical Community [Strobel] The Art of Co-Teaching [Simoneau & Bolz] Captivating Students with Flexible Thinking [Nickerson]
Sturm 275 Goal Free Problem-Solving as Inquiry for Novice Math Learners [Turner, Weber, & Liberman] Discourse Can Provide English Learners Access to Language and Mathematics [Håkansson] Share Your Practice: Write for the Colorado Math Teacher Journal [Johnson]
Sturm 287 Ramp UP - Early Childhood STEAM [Dekay & Rome] Techtivities: Help Students See How Graphs Work [Gardner & Smith] Multiplicative Reasoning: Creating a Foundation for Greater Understanding [Zola]
Sturm 310 Mile High Teaching Strategies [Hicks & Gasque] Shining a Light on Learning: Highlighting the Math Practices in Assessments [Palumbo] Zentangle Math [Lyons]
Sturm 334 Building Understanding of Absolute Value Using NCTM's ARCs [Oien] The Steiner Ellipse and Marden's Theorem [Mara] FEATURED SESSION:
Gender vs. Character in Mathematics and Beyond [Cheng]
Sturm 380 2020 Colorado Academic Standards: Grades 6-8 Mathematics [Johnson & Harrelson] 2020 Colorado Academic Standards: Grades 3-5 Mathematics [Johnson & Harrelson] 2020 Colorado Academic Standards: Grades P-2 Mathematics [Johnson & Harrelson]
Sturm 410 Enhancing Number Talks with Simulations [Low] Teaching Statistics to English Language Learners [Watts]
Sturm 412 Differentiated Assessment: Simple Techniques for Reaching and Teaching ALL Learners [Hoste & Hite] Tools to Support Collaboration, Oracy, and Critical Thinking in the Math Classroom [Konz & Stanton]
Ritchie Center - Hamilton Gym #2 VENDOR SHOWCASE:
Strategies for Facilitating Rich Conversations in the Discourse-Driven Mathematics Classroom [Jones]
Classroom Math Tech [Tapper]
Live, Laugh, Love Math Instruction: A Hearts and Minds Approach [Staves]

Session 7: 4:30-5:30 Ignite, CDE Update, Prizes, and Closing     Ritchie Center

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