2018 Candidates for Region 2 Representative

Dennis DeBay

Dennis DeBay

Dennis DeBay

Current: Clinical Math Education Faculty, CU Denver

Experience: Assistant Professor Math Education (Manhattanville College, NY, 2013-2016), New Rochelle Elementary Math Education PD Liaison (NY, 2013-2016), High School Math and Computer Science Teacher, Peabody Veterans Memorial High School (MA, 2007-2011)

Awards and Activities: Recent Publications:

DeBay, D. (2017). 21st Century urban renewal: Mathematical understanding of real-world graphical data using geospatial technologies. Journal of Education. 197 (1). 117-154.

DeBay, D., Terrell, K (Under Review). Stories and Technology: Gateway to Mathematics for All. Journal Digitial Learning in Teaching.

Johnson, H., Verma, G., McClintock, E., DeBay, D. (Revise and Resubit). Preparing future STEM educators using online, video-based teaching playgrounds designed to foster prospective teachers' professional noticing. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education.

DeBay, D., et al. Coupling Geospatial and Computer Modeling Technologies to Engage High School Students in Learning Urban Ecology. (2016) Improving K-12 Stem Education Outcomes through Technological Integration. Eds. Urban, Michael J. and David A. Falvo. Hershey, PA: IGI Global, 2016. 235-58. Print.

Recent Math Ed Presentations:

DeBay, D. (June, 2018) "Digital Stories in Math Education" GADGME, Lisbon. DeBay, D. (September, 2017) “Technology and Stories: A way to Mathematics for all” Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference, Denver.

DeBay, D. (April, 2016) "21st Century Urban Renewal: Mathematical Understanding of Real-World Graphical Data Using Geospatial Technologies." International Conference on Education and High Order Thinking Skills. Malaysia.

DeBay, D. (April, 2015). Exploring Students Use of GIS for meaningful, mathematical problem polving. Paper accepted. The National Councit of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Meeting (NCTM), Boston, MA.

About CCTM's Role: I believe that CCTM’s role is to be a resource in math education for teaching and learning, access and equity and advocacy in mathematics teaching and learning.

Why Serve?: I think that we need to start supporting math educators in Colorado by engaging in critical conversations around mathematics education and how we can make sure our teachers and students find success in the teaching and learning of mathematics. We need to explore mathematics for employment and the economy, mathematics for personal and social relevance and the importance not only of appreciating mathematics itself, but also its role in history, culture and society in general. I hope that I can become part of this process in Colorado through this board seat as part of CCTM’s already great work in the state. I also wish to  be an advocate for high-quality mathematics teaching and learning for all.

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Suzanne Sundbye

Suzanne Sundbye

Suzanne Sundbye

Current: Jefferson County Math Pathway Specialist

Experience: 1 year Jeffco Math Content Specialist (16-17), 19 years teaching Math at Arvada High School (97-16), 3 years teaching math at the middle (93-96). I have taught 7th and 8th grade Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, and Calculus.

Totals: Instructional Coach at Arvada in conjunction with teaching math (12 years), Instructional/Department Math Leader (5 years), taught math in Kansas for 2 years.

Awards and Activities: Received Jeffco Value Awards (5 different occasions); Valuing People (2), Teamwork (2), and Integrity. Discourse breakout session at 2016 CCTM conference, new Graduation Guidelines Presentation with Jeffco Accountability Committee 2017, Contextualized Math Presentation to Jeffco Secondary Math Teachers 2018, Various PLC Presentation for Arvada High School (8-10 times a year for 12 years), Jeffco Secondary Instructional Leader Presentations (5 times a year for the past 2 years), Jeffco Curriculum and Instruction Presentations around Culture and Climate 2017-2018, and New Graduation Guidelines 2017-2018.

About CCTM's Role: This role will help me stay current, network and collaborate about the NCTM Standards, State Standards, Curriculum, Teaching Practices, HEAR Requirements, Graduation Requirements, etc... within the state of Colorado as well as Nation-wide.

Why Serve?: The CCTM Board aligns with my role as a Math Pathway Designer and it will challenge me to understand and represent other school districts. As many teachers, I am very passionate about creating math options for each student so that we have a variety of pathways for students to be successful. I do not have the answer myself, but I feel together we can collaborate, learn, grow, and be innovative.

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