2018 Candidate for President-Elect

Joanie Funderburk

Joanie Funderburk

Joanie Funderburk

Current: Manager of Professional Learning, Student Achievement Partners

Experience: CCTM President (2015- present); Region 3 representative; conference chair; Secondary Math Coordinator - Cherry Creek School District (6.5 years); high school math teacher (19.5 years)

Awards and Activities: Chair - NCTM Membership and Affiliate Relations Committee; presenter - CCTM, NCTM, NCSM, Learning Forward conferences

About CCTM's Role: I believe that CCTM has the opportunity and responsibility to support all math teachers in Colorado. In our geographically large state, a significant number of math educators don't have access to math-specific professional learning experiences or other supports for improving their craft. CCTM can and should serve this role while providing in-person and virtual learning opportunities for all math teachers in the state. CCTM can also capitalize on social media as a platform for supporting teachers in remote parts of the state, and to facilitate a more close-knit community of learning.

Why Serve?: I have valued my work with CCTM, from my service as conference chair for three years, Region 3 representative, and currently as president. The current board and I are committed to continuing the structures and offerings that currently serve our members while expanding our work to grow our membership and add member value. With the summer, 2018 release of Colorado's revised Academic Standards, I'd like to lead the CCTM board in creating and sharing implementation guides. It is an honor to give back to the Colorado mathematics community, of which I have been a part since 1989, and I would appreciate the opportunity to continue as your president.

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