Keynote and Featured Speakers

The 2017 Annual Conference will feature a number of well-known presenters to be featured in this year's program.


Keynote Speaker: Annie Fetter

8:00-9:30, Sturm Hall - Davis Auditorium
Meet Annie in the Learning Lounge from 9:45-10:45

Annie Fetter will be the keynote speaker at this year’s CCTM Conference. If you don’t know Annie, she’s a legend in the online math education community. Before there was Twitter, before there was Facebook, and even before before The Geometry Forum became The Math Forum in 1996, Annie has been there, building a math community and helping math teachers both online and in person.

Annie has been using “Notice and Wonder” as a routine for engaging students in mathematics for 10 years. Over that time, the routine has been refined and expanded on by thousands of teachers who want to help their students make sense of mathematics and enjoy the satisfaction of answering mathematical questions that they asked themselves. Notice and Wonder is just one of Annie’s many teaching tools, so we’re excited to have her as our CCTM keynote speaker and we hope you are excited, too.

You can follow Annie on Twitter at @MFAnnie.

Lisa Bejarano

9:45-10:45, Sturm Hall - Davis Auditorium
Meet Lisa in the Learning Lounge from 3:00-4:00

As a 14-year teacher with all the hard work that goes with it, Lisa Bejarano is enjoying the fruits of that labor -- she's National Board Certified, a PAEMST awardee, and was recently named as one of 20 Colorado educators to serve on the CDE Commissioner's Teacher Cabinet. Still, she she keeps her focus on her students at Aspen Valley HS, an alternative high school in Academy District 20, where she teaches Geometry, Precalculus, and AP Computer Science. Lisa enjoys encouraging and facilitating mathematical discourse and collaboration among her students, and she does that with a problem- and inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning. If you want to know more about Lisa's approach to teaching, you can read her recent interview with Chalkbeat. Better yet, come to CCTM and talk to her yourself. She's excited to present multiple sessions at CCTM this year so there's no reason to miss her.  But if you do, you can still find Lisa on the internet where she tweets as @lisabej_manitou and blogs at

Wendy Ward Hoffer

11:00-12:15, Sturm Hall - Davis Auditorium
Meet Wendy in the Learning Lounge from 12:30-1:30

Wendy is a Colorado educator who has presented at CCTM and worked with teachers and schools around the country. A strong promoter of rich problem solving for students at all levels, Wendy is the Education Director for the Denver-based Public Education and Business Coalition (PEBC) and the author of Cultivating STEM Identities (2016), Developing Literate Mathematicians (2016), Minds on Mathematics (2012), and Science as Thinking (2009). Wendy earned National Board Certification while teaching math and science and has an MA in Education from Stanford University. We're excited to have her back at CCTM, and we're looking forward to you being there, too, so register today!

You can follow Wendy on Twitter at @wendywardhoffer.

Amanda Jansen

12:30-1:30, Sturm Hall - Davis Auditorium
Meet Amanda in the Learning Lounge from 1:45-2:45

Dr. Amanda Jansen literally wrote the book on student motivation in mathematics. In her book Motivation Matters and Interest Counts, co-authored with James Middleton, Amanda focuses on in-the-moment approaches that leverage the social nature of the classroom community, engaging mathematical contexts, and the importance of student success.

As a professor of mathematics education at the University of Deleware, Amanda has become a sought-after presenter. She was a keynote speaker at NCTM's Innov8 conference last fall and also keynoted this year for the Teachers' Development Group, where she's on the Board of Directors. Lately she's been writing and presenting on the importance of giving students time and space to do "rough draft thinking," much in the way we encourage young writers to work through their ideas before worrying about what they should look like in their final form. If this topic sounds familiar, it might be because we featured Amanda's article "Rough Draft Talk in Mathematics Classrooms" in the Winter 2017 issue of the CMT Journal. We're happy to have Amanda at the CCTM conference for the Teacher Presession on Thursday and as a featured speaker on Friday.

You can follow Amanda on Twitter at @MandyMathEd.

James Burnett

1:45-2:45, Sturm Hall - Davis Auditorium

James Burnett is the co-founder and president of ORIGO Education. He started the company because he is passionate about education and is continually striving to improve the way mathematics is taught. Over the past two decades, he has authored and co-authored more than 300 mathematics resources for teachers and students aged 5 to 12 and regularly speaks to audiences across Australia and North America.

As president, James aims to lift the profile of mathematics through dynamic professional learning and the development of quality print and innovative digital resources for the classroom. These achievements were recently recognised by winning the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in his home country of Australia.

Geoff Krall

3:00-4:00, Sturm Hall - Davis Auditorium
Meet Geoff in the Learning Lounge from 1:45-2:45

Geoff has no trouble attracting a packed house for his sessions at the NCTM Annual Meeting, and for good reason -- his presentations are fun, informative, and full of useful ideas. Geoff is a Math and School Development Coach for the New Tech Network, where he helped pioneer Problem-Based Learning in the network and supported it so that is now New Tech's primary pedagogical approach. He lives in Fort Collins with his wife, two children, two cats, and two chickens. Geoff is writing a book for Stenhouse Publishers, and you can keep up with his other writings on his blog,

You can follow Geoff on twitter at @geoffkrall.