2017 CCTM Annual Conference Schedule-at-a-Glance

Session 1:     8:00-9:30     Welcome and Keynote [Fetter]     Sturm Hall - Davis Auditorium

Teaching & Learning Access & Equity Tools & Technology Professionalism Assessment
Session 2
Session 3




Sturm Hall – Davis Auditorium Facilitating Productive Classroom Conversations Using Desmos Activity Builder [Bejarano] Making Math Workshops Work [Ward Hoffer]
Driscoll Gallery Meet the Speaker: Annie Fetter Lunch
Driscoll 1864 Demystifying Tasks in the Math Classroom [McCalla]
Driscoll 1880 Growth Mindset and the Value of Mistakes in Learning [Gilliam] Technology: Gateways to Mathematics for All [DeBay & Terrell]
Sturm 234 The Mathematics Behind the Zombie Apocalypse! [Lukens] Discovery Education [Burns] The Math Talk MVPS [Kiebler]
Sturm 235 Teaching Multiplication and Division of Fractions Conceptually [Kang] Valuable Little Known Tips & Tricks for TI-83/84/CE (color) TI-SmartView [Reardon] How Do We Know What They Know? [Bejarano]
Sturm 253 We Are All Mathematicians: Inspiring Mathematical Thinking Through Student Projects [Mitchell] Time to Teach [Gibson]
Sturm 310 Implement Effective Math Teacher Practices Using Interactive Simulations [Bush] SWAG – Students with a Goal [Low] A Math Problem Solving Inventory for Gifted Learners [Burkhart]
Sturm 334 Instructional Strategies for Teaching Mathematical Vocabulary [Walsh]
Sturm 380 Rigorous and Cognitively Demanding Tasks for All [Wretling & Kuzma] Elevating Algebraic Habits of Mind in the Classroom [Reed & Kalb]
Sturm 424 Engaging and Accountable Discourse that Percolates Mathematical Thinking [Wandzek & Krier]
Sturm 435 Old Geometry Concepts in a New Light [Mara]
Sturm 453 Coaching Research-Based Best Practices in Mathematics [VanOoyik] Let them Struggle: Instruction Focused on Transfer of Learning [Nickerson] Awesome Grouping Strategies for a Student Centered Classroom [Smerchek]
Sturm 454 Using the “5 Practices” to Engage in Mathematics [Pilgrim & TerEick] Coding in the Mile High City [Hicks]
Sturm 480 Differentiated Assessment: Simple Techniques for Reaching and Teaching ALL Learners [Hoste & Hite] Colorado Mathematics Standards Review and Revision [Johnson]
Sturm 490 Increasing Student Engagement Through Problem Solving [O’Sadnick & Kalb] Student and Teacher Math Circles: Enhancing Problem Solving for All [Karakok & Haefeli]
Session 4
Session 5
Session 6
Sturm Hall– Davis Auditorium Supporting Students’ Engagement with Challenging Mathematics Tasks by Promoting Rough Draft Thinking [Jansen] What's Important in Math Today? [Burnett] Take That For Data: Learning From Student Work [Krall]
Driscoll Gallery Meet the Speaker: Wendy Ward Hoffer Meet the Speakers: Amanda Jansen and Geoff Krall Meet the Speaker: Lisa Bejarano
Driscoll 1864 Developing Deeper Conceptual Understanding to Prepare for the SAT [McCalla & Reardon]
Driscoll 1880 The First Steps to Teaching [Bolz] Using Historical Mathematics Problems to Engage Student Thinking [Powers] Math + ELA Coaching [Harkness & Bolz]
Sturm 234 Leadership and Classroom Pedagogy for Equity and Excellence in Mathematics [Håkansson] Getting Started With Google Drive: A Roadmap for Math Educators [McGuire & Anderson-Pence] Developing a Growth Mindset in Young Mathematicians [Berger & Wandzek]
Sturm 235 Reducing Cognitive Load for Struggling Math Learners [Turner, Stilley, & Garner] Experiment to Learn [DeAnda] Peer Feedback Cohorts for Teachers: Why They Work and Getting One Started in Your School or School District [Greenberg]
Sturm 253 My Favorite All-Time Problems-Activities-Gifts Developed Over 35 Years – WithTechnology [Reardon] Beyond Rhetoric: Everyday Growth Mindset Interventions [Kane & Bejarano] Multiplication Minilessons: Using Number Strings to Build Students’ Understanding [Anderson-Pence & McGuire]
Sturm 310 Centers in Secondary...Who Knew? [Welch] A Math Potential Gap for Gifted Learners [Burkhart] Let's in"FORM" Our Math Classes! [Welch]
Sturm 334 Equity in Math Class, Strategies for Queering the Curriculum [Stone] Visual Mathematics from K to 12 [Fox & Zook] Have Students MAKE Notes, Not Just Take Notes [Walsh]
Sturm 380 Modeling Meta-cognition and Problem Solving Strategies in Paced Precalculus Videos [Horn & Moran] Cultivating Mathematical Identities [Ward Hoffer] Transformational Geometry: Innovative Interactive Ways to Learn and Teach Grades 8-11 [Reardon]
Sturm 424 Transforming Math Class into a Blended Learning Community [Schneider] Productive Struggle in the Classroom [Bruce] Understanding Congruence Through Transformations [Mena Casa & Jones]
Sturm 435 Leveraging Failure to Engage Students [Huyvaert] Understanding Our Planet Through Math [Kulesza] The Power of Taking Away Power [Race & Collins]
Sturm 453 The Mathematics of Mario: Hidden Rigor in Today's Popular Video Games [Moriarty] Mathematical Problem Solving: A Metacognitive Approach [Wild]
Sturm 454 Equity-Based Classroom Teaching Practices [Martin] Put the TEACH Back in Teaching [Farrow] What Does the Mean Mean? The Need for Statistical Literacy [Koester]
Sturm 480 The Visible Mind: Videos, Brain Research, and the Mathematical Mind [Woodward] Empowering Diverse Learners’ Mathematical Thinking and Language: Student-Adaptive Pedagogy [Lewis & Gardner] ---CANCELLED---
Connecting Pre-Service Teachers' and Students' Mathematical Reasoning Through Video [DeBay]
Sturm 490 Thinking Tools and Lesson Structures That Empower Students [Klaus-Quinlan & Engbretson]

Session 7: 4:15-5:00 Ignite, CDE Update, Prizes, and Closing     Sturm Hall - Davis Auditorium

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